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We proudly specialize in accounting for mental health professionals and therapy provider groups.

Over the years we worked with more and more therapists because we were referred by happy clients. Now we serve this niche intentionally with specialized expertise. We quickly realized that counselors love helping people, not crunching numbers. Our goal is to help owners expand their influence through solid financial ownership and decision-making. 


We work with so many group practice owners (and some solo practitioners too!) that we know what works and what doesn't. We've seen "under the hood" of businesses like yours so we can help you avoid costly mistakes!


Available only to solo practices. Whether just starting out, or your practice is well established and you're ready to get bookkeeping off of your plate, we provide the support you need. You get access to our team of specialized accountants, financial reports, email support, monthly Q&As, and workshops.


Our Group Starter package is ideal for someone who is just starting out in group practice. You have decided to hire one or two clinicians. We provide support to help you through this new beginning! You get access to our team of specialized accountants, phone and email support and a quarterly Financial Review meeting. 

Full Service

Ideal for group practices. Our team handles all the bookkeeping in your practice, and you have access to accountants that specialize in working with the mental health industry. We provide support around compensation planning for your team and payroll, because we know that’s a big source of stress for group practice owners. You can reach out as often as needed with questions and you will meet with our team quarterly for a Financial Review.


Our highest level of service, the CFO package includes all services offered in the Full Service package. In addition, as your fractional Chief Financial Officer we look at the “big picture” in your practice. We work with the practice owner on forecasting, budgeting, compensation, expansion and much more. Our CFO package is ideal for practices that are experiencing fast growth (whether planned or unplanned) or are really dialing in their financial systems and processes to get ready for growth, expansion or exiting the business. 

Package Add Ons

+ Bookkeeping clean up

Haven’t logged into your QuickBooks Online account in a few months? It happens! Our team will get your books caught up so you can feel confident knowing what’s going on in your practice. 


When we take over a QuickBooks Online account mid-year, we’ll typically have to do a full-year review to make sure the data is correct and coded consistently. We’re relying on your financial data to be able to best advise you so we want to make sure everything is in tip-top shape!

+ Payroll Set Up

Ready to hire? Ready to move to Gusto? We can assist you with setting up your account and answer any questions that come up when registering for state withholding, unemployment and other accounts. 

+ profit first set up & Support

Profit First isn’t just a book, it’s a movement! The Profit First methodology challenges the traditional Accounting Equation by having practice owners to take their Profit First. Our team of Advanced Certified Profit First Professionals can help you set up your Profit First systems and manage the ongoing maintenance as well!


Income – Expenses = Profit

Income – Profit = Expenses

Learn More About Profit First >>

+ QuickBooks Online Set Up

Our preferred accounting software is QuickBooks Online. Whether you’ve worked on another software in the past or haven’t set up your financial systems yet, we can help you do it right the first time.

+ Tax Preparation

Our tax team can prepare your business and personal tax returns. Please note that we do not offer tax-only services.

Therapist meeting about finances

Feel good about your finances.


Step One

After you reach out to connect with the GreenOak team or schedule a free consultation call, we'll start by getting to know you. Together, we'll determine the best plan for your needs, and the services from which you'll benefit most. After an agreement is reached, we'll onboard you into our system, and begin to lay the foundation of healthy financials through and in-depth understanding of your business and your goals.


Step Two

Once we develop a thorough understanding of your business, we can begin to analyze your financial information to decipher the smoothest path from where you are to where you want to be. We'll focus on overhead, payroll, and administrative ratios and compare yours with industry standards. We'll forecast your cash flow and run through scenarios so you can see how differing courses of action impact your business.


Step Three

After analyzing your information as it relates to your goals, we will begin to implement our strategies and programs. We’ll help with implementing financial systems to keep your business running smoothly, and keep a critical eye on your process and progress. We'll meet regularly, at the intervals predetermined by your service level package, and stay in touch as much as needed between meetings.


Step Four

Once in the full swing of our program, you’ll pay yourself first and notice your bottom line growing. We’ll continue to work with you regularly, assessing and adjusting our strategy when necessary. Together, through consistency, accountability, education, and implementation, we'll help you reach your current and future goals with solid financial standing.

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