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The cover for Profit First For Therapists by Julie Herres
Front cover for book
Release Date: May 2nd 2023

Julie Herres Presents

Profit First for Therapists.

A Simple Framework for FInancial Freedom

Build a Profitable Practice

Stop Worrying About Money

Prioritize Work/Life Balance


Worrying about running out of cash?

Feeling unsure about how or how much to pay yourself?

Wondering if you have enough money to make payroll?

Feeling overwhelmed by the financial side of running a practice?

Tired of working so hard and not seeing the profit you were hoping for?

Paying for yesterday's bills with tomorrow's deposits?

Unclear if you're saving enough money for taxes?

Unsure if you're setting yourself up for financial success?

Your Practice Deserves to Be Profitable!

Cathy, Group Practice Owner

What I really like about the profit first method is that it is a strategy and it feels very proactive versus reactive. Before Profit First I was doing bank balance accounting. And I didn't really want to be in that space because I wanted to feel confident about paying myself. I wanted to feel confident about all the dollars and cents that were coming in and out of my business. And before I implemented profit first, I don't think I really had a clear enough grasp of what that was like and how that could be leveraged.

Kate, Group Practice Owner

I had wanted to implement Profit First, but didn't quite know what do it with it.

I had an accountant that I just didn't think was savvy enough with it to really help. When I started working with GreenOak Accounting - the way you [helped] break it down - made it just so simple. 


Whitney, Group Practice Owner

Now that I'm doing Profit First, I can see that I have money to put into payroll and benefits. I have money to add benefits for my employees that I didn't realize I could afford.


I've started things I'd wanted to do for years, and now that I have the peace of mind, I feel like I can take some risks that I didn't feel like I could take by myself. 


What EXACTLY is Profit First?

In Profit First, practice owners take their profit first - rather than paying themselves with what’s left over after expenses.


The system involves transferring percentages of your income into various bank accounts to cover profit, taxes, operating expenses, payroll, and owner’s compensation. It’s so simple, and yet so powerful! 






Take profit first and split the balance into small accounts. With less cash-on-hand, you'll be forced to find innovative ways to achieve more with less. 


Always take your profit first and pay your bills last, so you can only spend what you can afford.


Once you've taken your profit, keep it out of sight, out of mind and hard to access (except for the right reasons).


Log in daily to check your balances. Manage your allocations and payables twice a month.

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