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There’s no secret to profitability; it’s knowing how to react to and interpret your information.

(That's where we come in)

Years ago, the team realized that most of our favorite clients were from the mental health industry. As the number of therapist clients we were serving grew, we started noticing trends between those who were profitable and those who were struggling. Today, we specialize in accounting for mental health providers because that's where we can have the biggest impact on our client’s profitability, as well as the overall health of their business.


Because of how specialized we are, the team can help practice owners navigate the multitude of financial decisions that come with being a business owner. In turn, our clients can focus on what matters most—their clients & the community they serve.

Therapy for Your Money Podcast

Hosted by Julie Herres, the Therapy for Your Money podcast is all about money and finance in private practice.

Green Oak Blog Archive

Our blog covers a wide range of topics designed to educate, inform, and inspire private practice owners.

Money Matters Self-Paced Course

The Money Matters in Private Practice course teaches the basic principles of accounting from a therapy point of view.

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Specialists helping specialists.

What We Believe

Here at GreenOak Accounting, we strive to create an environment where our employees feel valued, appreciated, and free to be who they are at work. We believe that a diverse mix of minds, backgrounds, and experiences all blend to create efficient and innovative ideas to drive our company forward. Our commitment to an inclusive work environment begins by looking inward at our hiring practices, is built upon in our workplace policies, and comes full circle with our approach to a welcoming and warm company culture.

Meet Our Team

Julie is the owner of GreenOak Accounting and an IRS Enrolled Agent. She enjoys helping clients improve their profitability and their businesses by harnessing their financial data. In her spare time, Julie enjoys playing board games with her husband and 3 kids.



Owner, EA

Julie is the founder & CEO of GreenOak Accounting - a.k.a. our Fearless Leader! Julie is the author of the upcoming book Profit First For Therapists and hosts the Therapy For Your Money Podcast, where she talks about all things money & finance in private practice. She has been featured on many podcasts for private practice owners, and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences. Julie lives in Virginia with her husband, three kiddos, and two beloved pups.

Heidi is an Accounting Manager and CPA who believes in the power of guiding her clients toward meeting their financial goals and becoming the best practices possible. When not working, Heidi spends time with her family, is an advisor for her college sorority, and enjoys the outdoors.

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CPA, Accounting Manager

Kelly is passionate about educating her clients because she believes in helping them make better business decisions. In her spare time, Kelly enjoys genealogy, traveling, and spending time with her family.



CPA, Accounting Director

Heidi is an Accounting Manager and CPA who believes in the power of guiding her clients toward meeting their financial goals and becoming the best practices possible. When not working, Heidi spends time with her family, is an advisor for her college sorority, and enjoys the outdoors.



EA, Accounting Manager

Jacquie is passionate about helping her clients see the big picture and how their companies are progressing.  She lives in the details of each client's day-to-day business, and prides herself in helping them achieve their goals! Originally from Colorado, she now calls Florida home, spending most of her free time adventuring with her boyfriend and their five dogs, fishing, hunting, and enjoying the outdoors!

Kelly J.jpg


EA, Accounting Manager

Kelly is an Accounting Manager and IRS Enrolled Agent. She is passionate about helping her clients understand their finances because that is the key to profitable growth. In her spare time, Kelly enjoys spending time with family and going on adventures with her dogs.



EA, Accounting Manager

Carolyn loves educating and empowering her clients to understand their finances. She came to finance by way of a career in education, and has the superpower to translate "accountant-speak" into terms a normal human can understand. In her spare time, Carolyn can be found running after her 3 kids, hiking, or reading.

Diane T..jpg


Accounting Specialist

Diane is passionate about helping clients understand their finances. It gives her great joy when clients have clarity on how their business is performing, versus being in the dark. In her spare time, Diane enjoys cooking, baking, watching movies, and working out.



Accounting Specialist

Bio Coming Soon!



Accounting Specialist

 Stephanie has a degree in Finance and loves all things numbers. She is a wizard in Excel and works magic with messy Quickbooks Online files (messy files are her not so secretly love).  When Stephanie isn’t whipping QBO files into shape, you’ll find her at the gym whipping herself into shape through Strongman programs or the baseball fields whipping her boys into strong athletes.

Ryan J..jpg


Accounting Specialist

Ryan s passionate about helping clients understand the ins and outs of their finances because she strongly believes that knowledge is power! In her spare time, Ryan enjoys reading, running local races, and cooking with her husband. 



EA, Accounting Specialist

Born and raised in Houston, TX, Alice enjoys the puzzle of taking a client's disconnected financial data and bringing them together into easy-to-read financial reports. On the weekends, you can find her at local plant stores and spoiling her two cats.



Accounting Specialist

Erica has 9 years of accounting and finance experience and is currently enrolled at Mercer University for a dual Master's degree in Business and Accounting. Her goal is to become a CPA and move up further within GreenOak Accounting. When she is not crunching numbers, she enjoys spending time with her family, interior design, photography, and reading. 



Accounting Specialist

Abby is a graduate of Miami University (Ohio), and spent time as an IRS Auditor and Group Manager before taking time off to do all-things-domestic while her kids were littles. Abby loves seeing entrepreneurs realize their dreams through smart financial practices and is tickled to be working for an incredible company that does exactly that!



Accounting Specialist

Tania is passionate about managing clients' business books and keeping everything organized so they can focus on growing their business. In her spare time, Tania enjoys going fishing.



Accounting Specialist

James is dedicated to empowering his clients with a thorough understanding of their financial information. James lives in Florida with his best friend, Buddy, a beautiful German Shepherd.



Accounting Specialist

Misstie is a bookkeeper who loves being organized. Misstie believes that being a bookkeeper requires a high level of planning. When not being a highly coordinated bookkeeper, Misstie likes to watch basketball, repurpose furniture, and plan events with family & friends.



Accounting Specialist

Zena loves to do the one thing her clients do not---accounting! She is passionate about helping clients grow their business and understand their finances. She loves to hang with family and friends, serve others and check out new restaurants.



Accounting Specialist

Mickey brings over 25 years of accounting and bookkeeping experience into Green Oak Accounting. She is committed in keeping her clients’ books clean and organized and believes that great communication is a key to a successful client relationship. When not on client duty, Mickey loves spending time with her family and traveling.



Accounting Specialist

Dona loves our team's spirit and environment, and also enjoys assisting her clients with prioritizing their goals and putting their plans into action! Dona is a certified yoga instructor and owns her own studio. She also enjoys dancing and content creation.



Accounting Specialist

Located in central Michigan with his wife, daughter, and several furry family members, Jess spends his off-hours with family and friends or reading a new comic book. He enjoys working behind the scenes to help practice owners improve their businesses and meet their financial goals!

Emily G.jpg


CPA, Tax Manager

Emily enjoys problem-solving and is passionate about helping others because she loves to see clients succeed.  In her spare time, Emily enjoys spending time with her kids and helping her husband on the family farm. 



Tax Accountant

Cody loves problem-solving and is passionate about finding the optimal solution to a given problem. He enjoys continuous learning and helping others to learn and succeed. Born, raised, and recently returned to Spokane, WA, he spends his off time with his young daughter and their cat, painting and playing tabletop games.



CPA, Tax Accountant

Linda is passionate about working with clients to get the most from their taxes and reach their tax-related financial goals. She enjoys hiking and taking walks with her husband and their dog. When not working with clients, she also enjoys traveling, swimming and reading. She is very proud of her two grown children, Kelli and Michael.



Tax Accountant

Born and raised in Charleston, SC, Carter enjoys spending time outdoors, exercising, reading, and playing guitar. His love of accounting comes from helping business owners succeed in their goals and meet deadlines.



EA, Tax Accountant

Morgan is passionate about completing tax returns and continually learning about tax laws and updates because it is rewarding to help clients understand what they might not know and deliver a finished product. In their spare time, Morgan enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and traveling with her husband.

Megan T_


SHRM-CP, Human Resources

Megan oversees “everything HR”, is passionate about her work, and chose her career path because she believes that HR leaders massively impact the companies they work for. Megan strives to continually align the company with our workers and foster a quality company culture. Megan is a self-proclaimed dog fanatic, who loves scary movies and the Pacific Northwest. Megan’s virtual door is always open.



Technology Support

Mick is an IT professional with 20+ years of experience. He keeps all systems running smoothly at GreenOak. When he's not working he can be found playing board games with his family.



PHR, Business Operations Manager

Hannah is a Nebraska native living in Wichita, KS. At GreenOak, Hannah blends her knowledge of human nature and technological capabilities to build new operational efficiencies for GreenOak employees and clients. When not plugged into the Matrix, Hannah is found watching the latest Netflix horror series with her husband, partner, and cats.



Business Development Manager

Sarah believes in the power of connecting and is usually the first person you’ll meet at GreenOak Accounting. She is the biggest cheerleader of our team and is an awesome gift giver.  Her biggest accomplishment to date has been being nominated for "Most Bubbly" Personality at the annual Greenie (GreenOak Accounting) Awards.

Emily S..jpg


Podcast Administrator

Emily is a marketing administrator for GreenOak Accounting and the podcast editor for the Therapy For Your Money Podcast. She's also a full-time nursing student at West Virginia University. Emily enjoys all outdoor activities, such as backpacking, hiking, and kayaking.

We're hiring!

At GreenOak Accounting, we are always looking to expand our wonderful team. We focus on creating an inclusive environment that is family-friendly and flexible. Many of our positions are remote but do require full-time (daytime) availability. 

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Everything has been great! I love working with a team so knowledgeable about the clinical industry!

Ilene S

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