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Group Practice Navigator: 
Compensation Strategies

Take care of your team while ensuring the sustainability & profitability of your practice

Learn the secrets to hiring that guarantee financial sustainability and confidently make data-driven decisions – no more relying on guesswork. Transform your practice into a thriving success in just hours!

Have you ever witnessed a fellow therapist seek advice on Facebook, asking, "I'm hiring my first clinician, any tips on how to pay them?" Us too. Unfortunately, the responses are often inaccurate, lack context, and sometimes they provide no room for error or profit.

That's why GreenOak Accounting's team of experts crafted this course. We're here to ensure you receive precise information swiftly, empowering you to make sound financial decisions. Gain exclusive access to our proprietary hiring calculators, enabling you to determine affordability and compare various compensation models effortlessly. Elevate your hiring game!

In this course you'll learn: 

🤔 How to Hire and How Much to Pay: Goodbye to financial uncertainty and make informed hiring decisions.

🔍 Get All Your Burning Financial Questions Answered: Should you hire contractors or employees? Part-time vs full-time? How should you pay them? Should you offer benefits?

🔢 Figure out What you afford: Use our templates and calculators to calculate what makes sense for your practice.

💰 Evaluate Pay Structure Options: Explore compensation options for clinicians, admin, and leadership roles.

📈 Get the Intel on Advanced Topics: Elevate your practice with insights on tracking clinician KPIs, offering bonuses, raises, and more.

💼 Our team of industry expert accountants will unravel the complexities of paying your team and set your practice up for unparalleled profitability.


🚀 Elevate Your Group Practice to New Heights 🚀

Ready to boost your practice's profitability and efficiency? Whether you're a seasoned practice owner or just starting out, Group Practice Navigator: Compensation Strategies course is your ticket to success.

Don't let financial ambiguity hold you back. Join the course today and empower yourself with the knowledge, expertise, and strategies to make your group practice not just survive, but thrive!

Who is the course for?

 Therapists hiring their first clinician or administrative team member

Therapists thinking of hiring in the next 3-6 months

Group practice owners who are working harder than ever but have almost nothing to show for it. 

Avoid costly mistakes!

Whether it's your first time hiring and you're grappling with the multitude of decisions, or you're a group practice owner with a team of clinicians, feeling that things aren't quite right – we get it.

If you find yourself overwhelmed, struggling to make ends meet, and your clinicians making more than you while still asking for more money, you're not alone. Let's turn things around together.

Making hiring mistakes can take a toll—both financially and personally. When you find yourself working tirelessly to subsidize your team's efforts, it not only impacts your business but takes a toll on your personal life and family. Running a business is challenging on its own; avoid unnecessary difficulties.

Some practice owners believe that adding more clinicians will improve things. But, if each new hire is costing you money, expanding the team only exacerbates the problem.

We want you to set up your group practice in a way that is sustainable long-term. Every session should be profitable, for every clinician. Join the course to learn from our years of experience!


Course Curriculum

Unit 1: Decide how to pay your new team member

  • Contractors vs employees

  • How much should you pay clinical team members?

  • Templates for various compensation structures

  • Part-time vs full-time hires

  • Bookkeeping basics

Unit 2: Getting ready to pay your new team

  • Payroll software and setup

  • HR best practices

  • Benefit options & when to add them

  • Options for paying your admin & leadership

  • Managing cash flow & hiring


  • KPIs and tracking performance

  • Bonuses

  • Raises

  • What to do if a team member moves out of state

  • Profit First

Avoid costly mistakes!

Our team sees this scenario so often: A practice owner comes to us because they are barely making any money, even though they are working around the clock. We dig into their financials, just to realize that they are paying their team WAY too much. It comes from a place of kindness: the owner wants to treat their team well, and wants them to feel valued. But the owner is working harder than ever to subsidize the work their clinicians are doing.

Sometimes they think: If I can just add one more clinician, things will get better. When you're losing money on each new hire, another clinician just makes the problem even worse. 

We want you to set up your group practice in a way that is sustainable long-term. Every session should be profitable, for every clinician. Join the course to learn from our years of experience!

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Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Can't I just get this information from my accountant?

A: Your accountant can tell you how to pay your team member (or set up payroll), but what most accountants can't tell you is "how much". Our team has worked with hundreds of private practice owners, so we've seen what works and what doesn't. We'll help you avoid costly mistakes!


Q: I already have a group practice, can I still benefit from the course?

A: Absolutely! The best time to tackle clinician compensation is at the time of your first hire, the next best time is right now. Even if you have a few clinicians on your team, you can still increase your knowledge to make data-driven decisions.


Q: The course is expensive, can't I just figure this out on my own?

A: We've jam-packed the course with all the knowledge we have about hiring in private practice. Short of working directly with our team at GreenOak Accounting, this is the next best option. A single hiring mistake can cost you tens of thousands of dollars, so the course is well worth the investment.


Q: How long will I have access to the course?

A: You have lifetime access to the course materials.


Q: Is there ongoing support after the course?

A: This course is DIY, so you can take the lessons at your pace and refer back to them often. There is no 1-on-1 support provided in the course.


Q: Will the course address regional variations in compensation and legal considerations?

A: The course is intended for US-based private practice owners. While we don't cover EVERY local and regional consideration, we provide general principles that apply to most practice owners.

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Hi, I'm Julie Herres!

I'm the founder and CEO of GreenOak Accounting, a firm that exclusively serves therapists, psychologists, and counselors in private practice across the United States.

Over the years, my team and I have worked with hundreds of private practice owners and developed serious knowledge about what makes a practice financially successful. GreenOak’s goal is to help practice owners feel comfortable with the financial side of their businesses and have profitable practices.


Julie is an accountant and an enrolled agent (EA). Founder of GreenOak Accounting, she is also a speaker, author of Profit First for Therapists and the host of the Therapy for Your Money podcast. 

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