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Greenoak accounting Dashboard

Our exclusive Dashboard can be customized entirely to your private practice!

Hover over each section of the Dashboard to learn more

The gauges at the top of the Dashboard indicate the financial health of many aspects of your private practice.


Payroll, rent, and overhead expenses are just a few of the options we can customize for you!

Our goal is to make sure your business stays in the "green zone" of all your customized gauges. 

We can take a look at administrative expenses, profit, and even your overall space usage!

We can take a look at a variety of ratios - like your average fee per session - to make sure your business is profitable!

Average profit per session and average income per clinician are a couple of options we can track for your private practice!

The section on the right will ONLY show current YTD data.

Here, we take a look at your gross income versus your net income. We can compare these numbers versus last year, last quarter, or last month to take a look at the "bigger picture"!

This chart measures all of your ratios and compares them to our "Success Ratios" to make sure your business is functioning at its most profitable!

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